Battery Fire Protection Tests

In preparation for the final construction of battery pack and housing, we ran first experiments concerning fire protection in the unlikely case of a thermal runaway . For this purpose, first tests focused on the GRP panels placed between each block of parallel connected cells (cf. test module) while the effect of additional fire protection […]

Development of a natural gas range extender system

By Marvin Schmidt At the beginning of the year, the Range Extender team focused on selecting a suitable system architecture. The result of this consideration is the design of the FVA30 with two wing tanks and two tank containers placed under the wings in the form of so-called “wing pods”. The wing tanks are filled […]

Battery Performance Tests

After completing the first fully-functional battery module in June 2019, we could finally run different test scenarios to evaluate our preliminary design. After some additional modifications of our test module and extensive preparations for a proper testbed integration and data logging, we were provided a 100 A battery pack tester along with a climate chamber […]

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