About Us

Research. Build. Fly.

We are an association (FVA) of flight enthusiast students from the RWTH and FH Aachen, that are driven by the motto “Research.Build.Fly” to research and develop aircrafts. Every student that is interested in airplanes and enjoying practical work is welcome to join our group. Just like technical abilities are not a requirement, neither is a pilot license. The membership is free of cost but is replaced by labour hours, in order to ensure a successful research and other operations. Further information about the labour hours regulation and membership can be found here.


Since the foundation in 1920 our members have been using their skills and interests to dedicate themselves to projects that would give the aviation industry new impulses. Besides improving already existing systems we also work on developing our own gliding planes. With us you will learn a variety of practical skills, for instance handling fiber composites and also preparing other materials that are employed in the aviation industry. In order to make such ideals reality we need to invest our spare time to working in our workshop that is approved for this exact purpose. Throughout the years we have put together a portfolio of aviation achievements. As a scientifically academical flight academy we are part of Idaflieg (Interessengemeninschaft deutscher Akademischer Fliegergruppen). Through this umbrella association our members receive additional input and insight to flying and work, as well as how the development of airplanes undergoes. Each summer we gather with other Idaflieg associations and with the encouragement of the DLR we pursue flight tests and measurements. Additionally there is also the opportunity to partake in Construction seminars, a practical educational program where basis of airplane development and implementation are taught. At the yearly winter get-together several external research projects are presented. Due to the close connections to several Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Research Institutions we have the chance to publish Diploma or Project thesis.


Our purpose was never limited to only research and theory, but as well on practically building aircrafts. In the beginning of the ’20s it was disputed whether under the Versaille agreement, aircraft without engines could be build. At that same time, behind closed doors, our first prototypes appeared, the so-called “Schwatze Düvel” and the “Blaue Maus”. In contrast to that era, today we have our own workshop in the industrial district of Würselen, close to the Aachen-Merzbrück airport. It was build in 2005 and enabled us to bring our projects to life. Proceeding the authorisation as a technical workshop for aircrafts, we now have both the space and the technical equipment to pursue ourselves all kind of thinkable repairs and maintenance. We do other projects as well such as optimising already existing airspace systems. Here anyone can test out their ideas.


Besides the scientific work, we feed our enthusiasm for gliding flight. We offer our members the opportunity to use our aircrafts and to take a gliding flight licence. Idaflieg provides us with further airplanes disposed by them, such as the aircrafts specifically designed to fly in the Alpes or the stunt aircrafts. All flying itself undergoes at our base airport at Aachen-Merzbrück or at the location of the flying camp. The flying is an unmatchable practical supplement to the otherwise work, research and development of aircrafts. Due to limited own funds are we dependent on help from third parties. We are therefore thankful to any material or financial support.

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