Building the First Battery Module

Right on time for our workshop celebration in June, it was ready for presentation: After long days and numerous nights of hard work, we were able to complete our first fully functional test battery after the preliminary battery design for the FVA-30 had been completed at the beginning of the year. 60 battery cells, which later form one of 24 submodules, are integrated into a composite structure with a phase change material and connected to each other via welded copper contacts. The phase change material serves to absorb power dissipation in latent heat and was provided to us as granules by the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability (LBF). In addition, the battery module already has comprehensive sensor technology and protection electronics and can be controlled via a CAN connection via a computer. Numerous load tests under various operating conditions are now scheduled for the following weeks. This article briefly summarizes the construction of the battery in pictures and forms the prelude to the upcoming construction phase for our Project FVA-30.

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